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Check out this post on my site for the 2010 Prudential National Award! It’s because of your continued support that I was inducted to the Leading Edge Society, which is for the top 7% of Prudential Realtors in the nation.

When I started in Real Estate in 2006, I didn’t expect all of this to happen so quickly for me. Of course, it wasn’t an easy journey, but with hard work, dedication, and your support, I’ve been able to get to where I am today.

Yes, the market is still struggling, but as I’ve said, it’s still a buyers’ market. So if you’re looking for any Milford CT homes for sale, you know the Connecticut Realtor to contact 🙂


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With the weather in the 50s today in Milford, CT, people are starting to leave their homes and just get out there! For the past few weeks, with snow and blizzards galore, people have been getting fed up with the weather in the area.

The constant shoveling can just take a toll on you, right? So a few days ago, on my main site’s blog, I put up a post “Dreaming of Hawaii”. You should check out the pictures of my cousin’s awesome place there. The views are absolutely gorgeous. Maybe one day I can retire there? Hopefully 🙂

So what’s the current update with Milford CT real estate? At the moment, with the better weather, people are going out and about to find homes. Also, with the current economic situation, people are also looking for apartments for rent in Milford CT.

I just wanted to post a quick update and welcome everyone to my blog 🙂