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It Was Not an Easy Journey   Leave a comment

And you know what? This just the beginning.

When I entered real estate in 2006 a lot of people were basically telling me that this industry is dead. A lot of people were skeptical about my career change, as I was leaving a comfortable office job that I had for many years.

I knew that changing careers would not be easy. It’s just like with any other job out there. There is a learning curve and an adjustment period. Unfortunately, for real estate, there may be a very large learning curve, depending upon the person. As we all know, real estate is not for everyone.

Why did I want to give this industry a shot? Real estate is something that people will always need, so despite the cycles involved with the economy, there will always be good times atop the bad times in this industry.

All the negativity surrounding my decision to become a Realtor fueled me to work harder. There were those days when I felt like things just weren’t working out, but I kept moving forward. I just had a strong feeling that the real estate industry was my calling.

Also, with my son in college at the time, I knew this was a good opportunity in my life to try something new as I wasn’t tied down to the same responsibilities I had when my son was younger. As I said, this has been some journey so far, and to think, this just the beginning. Who knows what could happen in a couple years? Maybe things will start to really boom before we know it? Who really knows?

That’s why, along with the other dedicated Realtors out there, I’m sticking to what I’m doing. If that means I’ll have to take up apartments for rent in Milford CT, I’ll do it. If that means I’ll have the take up listings other Realtors won’t touch, I’ll do it. If that means I’ll have to work longer hours, I’ll do it.

Have you found your true calling as well?


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