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Trying to find Milford CT Real Estate just for you?

PRIVATE BEACH LIVING ALL YEAR ROUND! Three bedrooms, 2 baths, C/A, fenced level backyard. Some waterviews from living room and bedrooms. Across is a row of close to million dollar waterfront properties.

Watch This Video to Get a Better Look of This Home

For more detailed information on this property, visit my site for the full listing.

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Just A Preview…   Leave a comment

…in a few days, I’ll have an updated listing of a Milford beach house that might just be for you or someone you know. It’s a beautiful home that’s across the street from the water and is only a few steps away from a private beach for homeowners in the area.

Expect an updated home tour too, but here’s the previous one we put up:

There will be more updates to come. If you’re interested, feel free to contact me.

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Don’t Settle for Less   Leave a comment

When looking for a new house, you don’t want to make an offer just because you see a really enticing price tag. Do you know the full story behind the house? At that price, do you have what you’re looking for in a home for you? Are you willing to make an offer on a fixer-upper or do you want something in move-in condition?

These are the types of questions you want to ask yourself when looking for a home. Fortunately, even in a small city (with a big heart), Milford CT real estate is quite diverse and leaves buyers with a multitude of options in homes.

As your Realtor, I’m willing to work with you in order to find the home of your dreams. Sometimes, people find the right home for them instantly, while others can possibly take years, such as the experience one of my clients had where it took him 2 years for an offer to go through on the house he wanted.

In the end, I want my buyers to be completely satisfied with their purchase. This is not like buying a piece of clothing that doesn’t fit and returning it for a refund or exchange. Buying a home is a huge commitment, especially if you plan on staying at this home for a good amount of time. That’s why I don’t want any of my clients to experience any regrets or buyer’s remorse.

So don’t settle for less. You want to find the house worth your time and money. Also, you want to find a house that’s worthy for you and your family.

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A Handyman’s Special   Leave a comment

When my husband and I bought our house almost two decades ago (wow, can’t believe it’s been that long), we knew what we were getting into. At the time, this handyman’s special was what we could afford, so when we moved in, we did our best to redo the inside of the house.

I’ll never forget when my son said the kitchen looked “yucky”. Justin was not lying at all. This house was a mess. In the kitchen, there were Cheerios somehow stuck on the wall and the living room was furnished with some really old rug. We basically tore this house down from within and turned it upside down as well.

It took many years for it to look the way it does, but we can all say it was worth it.

There were even old, torn down chicken coops in the backyard along with a really old school stone grill. It was all worn down by then, so we couldn’t give it a shot. If only…

…actually, to be on the safe side, I don’t think cooking anything on that would be a good idea.

This house that looked like a mess years ago is now what we’ve called our home for so long. It’s now our sanctuary, and while there are still some improvements needed, it’s come a LONG way from when we first step foot in it.

That’s why if you’re knowledgeable in home improvement or can afford a contractor and think it’s worth the costs, then think about a handyman’s special on the market. It can become your dream come true.

However, if you’re still on a budget and would still rather opt for something in move-in condition, let’s keep searching to find the house of your dreams. A handyman’s special isn’t for everyone, so find something that’s a fit for you. With many Milford CT homes for sale, there’s bound to be one for you.

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It Was Not an Easy Journey   Leave a comment

And you know what? This just the beginning.

When I entered real estate in 2006 a lot of people were basically telling me that this industry is dead. A lot of people were skeptical about my career change, as I was leaving a comfortable office job that I had for many years.

I knew that changing careers would not be easy. It’s just like with any other job out there. There is a learning curve and an adjustment period. Unfortunately, for real estate, there may be a very large learning curve, depending upon the person. As we all know, real estate is not for everyone.

Why did I want to give this industry a shot? Real estate is something that people will always need, so despite the cycles involved with the economy, there will always be good times atop the bad times in this industry.

All the negativity surrounding my decision to become a Realtor fueled me to work harder. There were those days when I felt like things just weren’t working out, but I kept moving forward. I just had a strong feeling that the real estate industry was my calling.

Also, with my son in college at the time, I knew this was a good opportunity in my life to try something new as I wasn’t tied down to the same responsibilities I had when my son was younger. As I said, this has been some journey so far, and to think, this just the beginning. Who knows what could happen in a couple years? Maybe things will start to really boom before we know it? Who really knows?

That’s why, along with the other dedicated Realtors out there, I’m sticking to what I’m doing. If that means I’ll have to take up apartments for rent in Milford CT, I’ll do it. If that means I’ll have the take up listings other Realtors won’t touch, I’ll do it. If that means I’ll have to work longer hours, I’ll do it.

Have you found your true calling as well?

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Thank You Everyone!   Leave a comment

Check out this post on my site for the 2010 Prudential National Award! It’s because of your continued support that I was inducted to the Leading Edge Society, which is for the top 7% of Prudential Realtors in the nation.

When I started in Real Estate in 2006, I didn’t expect all of this to happen so quickly for me. Of course, it wasn’t an easy journey, but with hard work, dedication, and your support, I’ve been able to get to where I am today.

Yes, the market is still struggling, but as I’ve said, it’s still a buyers’ market. So if you’re looking for any Milford CT homes for sale, you know the Connecticut Realtor to contact 🙂